Skill-based sponsorship

Showcasing excellence and supporting talents are the two pillars that guide Roland Berger’s commitment to projects of general interest. Rooted in this spirit, the firm accompanies those who work on the ground to shape a better world. Roland Berger has therefore chosen to put its greatest asset, its human capital, at the service of Art Explora. This collaboration combines the world of the arts with the world of strategy consulting, in order to support a cause that is essential for society as a whole: disseminating art and culture to reach as many people as possible, especially audiences far apart from the cultural field. Through their work and involvement, Roland Berger consultants are thus supporting the Art Explora teams in the deployment of numerous innovative projects shaping the Foundation. As such, Roland Berger is involved in Art Explora’s key initiatives, from the support of volunteers to the development of a digital platform and the first floating digital museum. As a committed European player, Roland Berger is proud to nurture this close and enriching partnership with Art Explora. Serving art and culture in Europe and beyond also means building bridges, initiating dialogue and bringing people together around works of art. Showcasing excellence, particularly in the cultural sphere, means giving societies the means to reinvent themselves and take up new challenges –together.

Insitutional partners