Art is contagious, let’s reopen the museums!

Frédéric Jousset and a collective of culture lovers are asking for the immediate museums reopening as way to contribute to the French people wellness.

Art Explora launches its artist residency program in Paris

The Art Explora foundation initiates a residency program for artists and researchers from around the world in the Montmartre site of the Cité internationale des arts. The 1st edition will begin in Spring 2021 and host 13 residents.

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Culture can take many forms, opera or a hip-hop battle, Munch’s Scream or Hitchcock’s Birds, it is a constant metamorphosis. It passes from one hand to the other, from one ear to the other, from one glance to the other and is transmitted by the power of our senses.

And one thing remains unchangeable: freely lived culture is a gateway to one another. It breaks down differences. It is no longer a question of gender, social background, nationality, religion, but a meeting. A meeting with yourself and something else.

Sharing culture with everyone so we all open up to one another is breaking down the walls that separate us. This is the ideal that drives Art Explora, and all of us, cultural professionals and volunteers, from all walks of life.

Around the world, we gently infiltrate the best of artistic creation into everyone’s life from harbours, schools, screens…

So, whether it’s a podcast or video, sailing, motorised or even on foot, we go out to meet you in order to introduce the masterpiece that could change your life for ever.

The day may come when you too will become cultural ambassadors. You will then discover the happiness of creating deep connections with those who previously seemed so different from you.

On our platform or on our boat, bridges are created, never barriers, because that’s what culture should always be.