The MuMo x Centre Pompidou museum truck produced with Art Explora

© Philippe Piron, Matali Crasset, MuMo (2017)

The project

Art Explora, in partnership with the Centre Pompidou and the MuMo association, is launching a new mobile museum that will hit the roads of France from the beginning of 2022, then those of Europe in 2023, to reach out to all kinds of audiences. Art Explora also collaborates on the first pilot tour in 2021 with the current MuMo. Works of modern and contemporary art will thus travel to several regions and villages in France and Europe, through two annual thematic exhibitions, and thanks to partnerships with major institutions such as the Centre Pompidou.

The MuMo (mobile museum) was founded in 2011 by Ingrid Brochard to make modern and contemporary art accessible to those who live far from it. Schools and structures in the social and medico-social field (retirement homes, social centers, children’s homes, etc.) are the target audiences for this initiative, the aim being to encourage them to take risks and encourage them to let go. The MuMo is soon to celebrate its 10th anniversary and has already succeeded in its mission to bring the works to regions far from cultural centers :

  • 150 000 visitors met through 7 countries in Europe and Africa
  • 50 % of the children who were taken in had never been to a museum before
  • 50% of stops in villages of less than 2,000 inhabitants or in Urban Policy Districts

«By offering a new vision of art, the MuMo helps to show children that the museum can be a place where we have fun and discover things we like. It then represents an ideal tool for bridging this social divide; it participates in the groundwork initiated by the school for children to bring their parents to the museum.»

A teacher from the Lamartine school in Faches – Thumesnil (59)

The partnership

Fortified by this operational expertise and public success, the MuMo and the Centre Pompidou have decided to join forces with Art Explora for a new tour of the museum truck. This social and cultural project is part of the foundation’s general interest mission, namely to harness the power of culture to initiate dialogue and bring people together. According to Frédéric Jousset, founder of Art Explora, “inequalities in access to creation are still too present. There is an urgent need for culture to leave its usual circles and reach out to all audiences”. It is this urgency that motivated Art Explora’s decision to become a participatory patron of the project.

The foundation is therefore mobilising both financial and communication resources to support the project, setting up a network of volunteer mediators by rallying its community of more than 400 volunteers across Europe and, depending on the stage of the museum truck, programmes meetings and workshops with artists in the regions for school audiences. Finally, as digital technology is at the heart of Art Explora’s ambitions, the foundation will also produce short videos around the works exhibited in order to make the experience accessible to all, via digital technology.

© Fanny Trichet, Matali Crasset, MuMo (2017)

The 2021 tour

The first tour of the mobile museum will criss-cross the roads of France, from Essonne to Finistère. This year’s exhibition, based on 25 works from the Centre Pompidou’s collection, is entitled “Animals come out of their reserve”. This exhibition invites the humorous and poetic imagination to respond to man’s attachment to animals, which have always been intimately linked. This theme will also allow us to cross generations, with exhibitions that will give rise to art workshops and vernissages to which parents and local residents will be invited.

The tour has been suspended due to Covid-19. Once the tour can resume, it will travel by :

  • Dordogne (24) : Les Eyzies de Tayac, Lanouaille
  • Finistère (29) : La Feuillée, Châteauneuf du Faou
  • Seine-et-Marne (77) : Montereau-Fault-Yonne
  • Essonne (91) : Angerville, Bois-Herpin, Mérobert
  • Ille-et-Villaine (35) : Pleine-Fougères
  • Finistère (29) : Lannilis
  • Vienne (86) : Lusignan, Venours 
  • And end its journey in Loire (42) : Marcilly-le-Châtel, Montverdun

The Centre Pompidou is present outside the walls with “milleformes” in Clermont-Ferrand, the Centre Pompidou Metz, the Centre Pompidou Málaga, Kanal-Centre Pompidou in Brussels, the West Bund x Centre Pompidou in Shanghai. The Centre Pompidou is also developing numerous projects in France. The project carried out with MuMo and Art Explora is part of its desire to reach out to audiences who do not always have immediate access to culture.

For the 2022 tour, a call for applications was launched to build the new truck, and the winning designer is Hérault Arnod Architectures.

© Krijn de Koning

© Fanny Trichet, Matali Crasset, MuMo (2017)

The mobilization of Art Explora volunteers

At each stop, we offer Art Explora volunteers the opportunity to carry out diverse and enriching missions, such as mediating workshops for children or open houses for the general public, participating in impact measurement (collecting verbatims, interviews with the public), taking photos/videos for social network communication and setting up and dismantling restitution exhibitions.

Discover what this adventure has in store for you in this video!