Art Explora will represent culture in the French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo

The French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo under the tagline «France, Lightspeed Inspiration» will focus on progress, innovation and art. The Pavilion’s main stake is to illustrate France’s commitment in the construction of tomorrow’s world through political, economical, cultural and social initiatives and actions. The French Pavillon asked 3 institutional partners to present their vision of progress in the fields of art, education and sciences.

On this occasion Art Explora will put forward the French art scene, and present performance-and-innovation-heavy projects with:

1- A dedicated Planet in the permanent exhibition with the creation of the Art Planet under the main theme « Connecting minds, creating the future». Art Explora will introduce there a new itinerant project which will revolutionize the way of sharing art and culture with as many people as possible – but also an interactive installation by the French artist Neïl Beloufa,  created in collaboration with Ebb studio and produced by Bad Manners. 

2- An artistic programmation during the whole event: Art Explora will display art works about key themes of the World Expo and will also build a program of artistic performances on the occasion of major events of the French Pavilion.

The final artistic programmation will be announced in September.