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Artwork from JR - Migrants, Mayra, Picnic across the border, Tecate, Mexico - U.S.A., 2017
‘Migrants, Mayra, Picnic across the Border Tecate, Mexico-U.S.A.’, 2017 ©JR-ART.NET⠀⠀

“JR: CHRONICLES” exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery

The collaboration

“JR: CHRONICLES” is the largest solo museum exhibition of JR, featuring some of his most iconic projects from the past fifteen years, opening on the 9th of June 2021 in the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Art Explora decided to partner with the exhibition because we believe in the social change brought about by JR, and his many contributions to improving the world we live in – aligning perfectly with Art Explora’s own mission. Indeed, JR’s humanistic approach – portraying social realities and authenticity and in turn connecting people – is an essential goal to Art Explora.

Following Saatchi Gallery’s transition to a charity organisation, we note the importance in working alongside other charities to support our shared objectives in making art accessible to all and providing a platform for art education.

Supporting JR: Chronicles at London’s internationally renowned Saatchi Gallery, within the context of Brexit, speaks of our belief that, now more than ever, we should set an example of unity through culture.

The social commitments

Art Explora aims to achieve its goal of welcoming and making art accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, Art Explora will be supporting Saatchi Gallery’s Education Programme and community outreach initiatives, through delivering bespoke classroom activities, community workshops, schools and group tours, and digital learning resources.

Art Explora and Saatchi Gallery will aim to bring together community groups across the Greater London area, through dedicated support to mentoring charities, including Art Emergency, Arts4Dementia, the renowned prison arts charity KOESTLEARTS, and women’s charity Refuge.

From the Louvre Museum

Art Explora has enabled the creation of a new perennial installation at the Louvre Museum, L’Onde du Midi, a mobile sculpture by Elias Crespin. This work is made up of 128 metal tubes, suspended from wires and driven by motors to create a moving choreography with several figures. Installed above the prestigious Midi staircase, it offers a contemplative stopover for the visitor, becoming the theatre of a silent ballet.

This ambitious project is a continuation of the history of the Louvre Museum which, since its creation, has been an ideal architectural framework for displaying painted or sculpted pieces by living artists. Elias Crespin, an artist of Venezuelan origin, succeeds Georges Braque, Anselm Kiefer, François Morellet and Cy Twombly.

This important patronage responds to Art Explora’s wish to support institutions and contemporary creation. It is also part of a long-standing partnership between the Louvre Museum and Frédéric Jousset, President of Art Explora.

L’Onde du Midi was inaugurated in January 2020.


Elias Crespin
© 2020 Musée du Louvre / Antoine Mongodin

The Sorbonne University Foundation

Art Explora funds a ‘Passeport pour le Master’ [Passport for the Master], a Sorbonne University Foundation programme which awards a 5 year grant to a student of History of Art, based on social and merit criteria. This grant allows the student to follow a bachelor’s degree up to master’s level within the University, while ensuring financial autonomy. The student can thus devote themselves fully to their studies. They also benefit from tutoring by a heritage curator throughout their course.

By supporting this programme, Art Explora is committed to giving students on the most modest means the opportunity to succeed, in a sector that still seems, too often, inaccessible to some.


Short Story Dispenser

These dispensers will make life more pleasant for young patients and their parents in the hospital’s consulting wards. They will have short fiction stories at their disposal as well as educational anecdotes about paintings and sculptures, written by Artips.

The Dispensers were installed on Wednesday June 3rd in two particularly busy wards where patients often have to wait for a long time. Art Explora volunteers are soon to be invited to join these young patients and their families to guide their discovery of these short stories.

The stories are also available online : artexplora.short-edition.com and new ones will gradually be added.